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Where 2 Save Gants Hill

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Where 2 Save

380 Cranbrook Road, Gants Hill

Phone: 020 8554 5999

HMC Halal Monitoring Committee Certified Halal Meat Butchers in London
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5 reviews on “Where 2 Save Gants Hill”

  1. I was a regular customer of them. After the new law about plastic bag payment they have started to charge 5p. As a consumer i have right to know how big are they and how many branches they have. they said they have so many branches though i haven’t seen, I asked how many employees they have, is it more than 250. They replied they have more than 250 staffs. But I am really really surprised if they are that much big company why I couldn’t find anything from google???? After that I stopped to go this shop. I am worried how could I find details about them, B’coz we have the right to complaint against this circumstance.

    1. Were really sorry you’ve had a bad experiance at where 2 save, however there is no law regarding how many stores you need to have or how many staff you need to employ to be able to charge 5p for plastic carrier bags. This is something completely down to the management of the store, we dont charge for plastic bags here at where 2 save. If this is a reason for you not to shop here we apologise but suggest you compain to the thousands of independant stores who now charge for bags. If you need further information please visit one of our branches.

  2. Salaam… I ALWAYS shop at where 2 save because you find GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS at reasonable prices, the fruits are always lovely and fresh, the meat is fresh every time I shopped there… They never made me pay for bags… I love the Organic section. And you can find all sorts of healthy products, gluten free, raw honey, all kinds of sugars and herbal teas too…all kinds of milks (even kefir) etc… And all European foods that unfortunately I couldn’t find in big highway stores. I would never buy my meat or fruits anywhere but at “where to save”.
    It is shame that people try to bring down the reputation of a store with no basis… By the way I have seen a couple of “where to save” branches in London (there is one in Golders Green not too far from the station).
    Also I find staff are polite and always helpful… Love to shop there (even at times I come back from work at 2am) as it’s open 24hr/7 (except for the butcher only daytime but I don’t know which times).

    Anyways…I recommend+++

  3. I got charge for a lavazza Rosa which I didn’t buy, normaly I don’t check the receipt but I am very disappointed

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