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Manchester Superstore Bradford

Florance Street
West Yorkshire,

Phone: 01274 668800

HMC Halal Monitoring Committee Certified Halal Meat Butchers in Bradford
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5 reviews on “Manchester Superstore Bradford”

  1. Each time I visited the store every staff member was awesome, the price is pretty good and a good deal of stock. I’ve been returning as a customer since the birth of the store. I was planning in writing a review by Easter but on my last to visits this one staff member was so rude with the most disrespectful behaviour on both occasions. The first encounter with this staff member was something I could let by but the last visit of mine he was so rude to my father, and my father is in his pension and this man is younger then I. I called upon manager and he was so rude to her she just turned and walked back to her station. This man was so rude and extremely forceful thie woman walked away in fear, ashamed and disgusted. I asked a few others I know who shop at this store and they have experienced a similar scenario with a description of a man that fits THIS MAN. As a few stated they have not return after such poor experience, I will not, the third srike, I don’t think I can control myself. This man is looking for a fight. I’m not a violent person but you have to meet this guy and you will understand.

  2. Very poor standard of customer service both in tills and meat section. No order and are argue for nothin over three pounds so low life. Disgraceful staff dnt no basic maths soo bad what a hassle and so embarrassing they are. Evry time problm when we go there. No more again shoping there. Staff need to be trained to know what they doing and speak good english and give basic simple refund . alot to improve

  3. They customer service at the manchester superstore Bradford is beyond a joke, especially at the meat section where there is constantly a queue waiting for sometimes upto an hour just to get served. The funny thing is behind the counter, you can see 5 or 6 guys chipping away meat who just look at you at the queue and pretend your not there as there is ONE guy serving ONE customer at a time. Is a shame, I would shop there more often but after numerous instances like this again and again, Ive given up and gone elsewhere and happy to pay that little extra just to get served quicker. We all have busy lifestyles and having someone wait upto an hour is not acceptable, this ain’t pakistan or bangladesh. Also the staff at the main tills are a joke. There has never been an instance where they have not known prices of my shopping items and need to ask me or someone else for this information, thus adding to the wait time on queues. I hope management take some notice of these comments as this is a real problem affecting your business

  4. been there once, on tills stuff doesnt know the prices, part of the things have no prices on. girl was literally guessing prices, when i told her to go to check she was walking around the store looking for vegetables prices for least 10 min making me and everyone else wait for ages. After all it came out she charged me about 20p more for every veggie. horrible place

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