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Islamabad Halal Meats Ilford

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Islamabad Halal Meats

7 Beehive Lane, Ilford

Phone: 020 8554 3238

HMC Halal Monitoring Committee Certified Halal Meat Butchers in London
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One review on “Islamabad Halal Meats Ilford”

  1. I have had a bad experience with my local butchers i buy meat from all the time, i thought id paid for lamb instead given either an extremely old one or like the owner himself explained that some lambs are tougher if they are male or female? yes absolute nonsense!!! i have been cooking with lamb for 15 years and never have i had one that took over 21/2 hours to cook and still be stringy, please anyone would tell you that it was sheep. I paid for lamb almost double the price of sheep and when i went to tell the butchers, they had no regard. Its a family run business and I’m always willing to shop in local areas, but this butchers are just ripping customers off selling sheep as lamb and thinking that no one will complain.

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