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Big MO’s Coventry

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Big MO’s

277 Stoney Stanton Road
West Midlands,

Phone: 024 7663 3866
Cuisines: Fish & Chips, Pizza, Fast Food
Hours: 12:00 pm to 11:00 am (Everyday)

HMC Halal Monitoring Committee Certified Halal Restaurants in Coventry
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7 reviews on “Big MO’s Coventry”

  1. Went to Big Mo’s Ordered Donor and Chips x2, the takeaway was empty, but it took half an hour. When it came the donor was cold and it had been reheated. Very poor.

    1. Salaam. Just read your review .i am sorry to read that the food was cold and if you called or brought it back we would of replaced your order .We do not reheat the donner .

  2. Went today to Big Mo’s in Coventry, stoney stanton road. Ordered 1 large donor and chips, 1 regular donor and chips and 1 chicken and chips.
    The donor tasted off, we rang up and were completely shocked when we heard the person confirm that the donor was from last night!!!!. The person was being very very rude and would not provide his name. The next thing will be to contact trading standards. Avoid this place unless you want food poisoning

    Very poor customer service
    This place needs to close down.

    1. Yes I also agree, over a week ago i bought some food which was not fresh and cold. Had to wait nearly 2 hours for the food also. This place needs to be looked at by food authorities

  3. I ordered from big mos earlier and I received raw chicken and chips and now have a.bad stomache my own fault I know but won’t be ordering from them again

  4. I would strongly advise individuals not to order from Big Mo’s as my food wasn’t cooked properly and the service there is shocking! I rang up soon after I ordered to tell them them my food wasn’t cooked, as the inside of my battered sausage that I ordered was cold and red raw and no one was interested, even after I said that if I had eaten that food I could have been off sick because of it.I was being civilised and asked politely to get my money back off my order and leave it at that(as it was their fault) and they wouldn’t do so and the man on the phone hung up on me. So I suggest if you don’t want food poisoning and to be served by arrogant, rude people, do not order from there!

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